New Psych Freakout Roundup

April 25, 2012 - 11:41 am No Comments

This morning’s Soundcloud trawl has turned up a few beauties:

Fat Cat is no stranger to the scuzz, having given us the Awesome-Squared Odonis Odonis at the end of last year.  The parade of excellence continues with Milk Maid.  From their album ‘Mostly No’, out on July 9th.


I admit to being somewhat skeptical of Broken Hands when I turned up to see them at an A&R-packed show at the Bull and Gate several months ago.  Being on the young side, they literally wore their influences (Britpop) on their sleeves (and haircuts).  My internal chants of “pleasedon’tbelikeBrother pleasedon’tbelikeBrother pleasedon’tbelikeBrother” were cut violently short at the first chord.  Dudes can play. I expected (feared) a dirtier Oasis or Libertines, and got a psychedelic cocktail of  Tame Impala and The Stooges. If You Need To Lie is their second single, independently released on 7″ vinyl and download on May 28th.


Pepe Deluxe have been motoring for years, but they still manage to stay on the right side of kitsch. Go Supersonic is a fizzy J-pop-esque gem.


Stepping away from the 60s for a moment, I’ve pilfered this one from The Quietus’s Soundcloud feed – Gazelle Twin’s Changelings is given a dreamy electro-noire treatment by John Foxx and the Maths.

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